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    Elizabeth - Allizabyth
    Harriet - Harry@
    Leonore - Lianoah

    Frederick - Fredrekh
    Clemens - Claymanze
    Julius - Joolyus
    Ronja Julius Leonore Frederick Harriet Clemens Elisabeth Ivor Linnea Elliot

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    Hayzelle (Hazel)
    Gladiss (Gladys)
    Agee (Aggie)
    Agithuh (Agatha)
    Nann (Nan)
    Klemintyn (Clementine)
    Hatee (Hattie)
    Hat T (Hattie)

    Wuhlfgayng (Wolfgang)
    Tayt (Tate)
    Alicestayr (Alistair)
    Kayn (Cane)
    Atikiss (Atticus)

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    It saddens to see such beautiful names spelt so horribly!

    The girls names were harder to butcher because they are so short (especially Nell and Tess).

    Jethro Tobias - Jeffrow Toebyass (Jeffrey Tomatoes)
    Lionel Vincent - Lyeonull Vinnssentt (Donnelly Intenseness)
    Malcolm Arthur - Mallkumm Ahrrffurr (Mammal Hurrah)
    Barnaby Dashiell - Bahrrnuhbee Daschull (Beersheba Schulz)
    Chester George - Chesstuhrr Jawrge (Chichester Jagger)

    Fiona Beatrix - Pheeonah Beeahtricks (Phenomena Tricksters)
    Nell Cordelia - Knele Kawrdealeeuh (Keele Leatherdale)
    Romy Anneliese - Roemee Annahlease (Romero Seasonable)
    Tess Vivienne - Tehss Vivveeunne (Techs Villeneuve)
    Hettie Juliet - Hhettee Jeweliyette (Teethe Jewellery)

    (In brackets is what my spell-check wanted to change the misspellings to. Some are really funny!)
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    Yow, my brain hurts!

    Ellinore Terrez
    Ylizzabeth Glorrya
    Lusi Magdoleenn
    Roze Climmintyne
    Suezannuh Vylet
    Karollyne Mersi
    Helaynah Primmroze
    Anmaree Graayce
    Jeulyette Veroneekah
    Seelya Margrett
    Esster Vallintyne

    Timmothi Pharammirr
    Wilium Awgusteene
    Pursee Macksimillion
    Calvynn Ahnthonee
    Catherine Lark ~ Elizabeth Gloria ~ Rosemary Elanor
    Lucy Magdalene ~ Sylvia Therese ~ Margaret Jane

    Timothy Lewis ~ William Augustine ~ Owen Benedict
    Harrison Peter ~ Calvin Anthony

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Anthea Lark ~ Felix Bard ~ Primrose Lucy ~ Atticus John ~ Elanor Valentine
    Josie, Finn, & Pippa

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    I'm sorry, names, I have to do this.... I'll always remember you.....

    Adalyn Faith- Aahddaughlliynne Ffaaiythhfe
    Lila Romilly- Llieyllaughe Rohaughmmihlleighhe
    Leonor Evangeline- Lleeiyyohaughnnohaugherre Evvahnngjehllieenne
    Britton Ruth- Brihttohaughnne Rroouthfe
    Seraphina Maeve- Seairaughphffieeynnaughe Maeiyvve

    Carter James- Ckaughrrttehre Jgaiymmessze
    Jasper James- Jgahssperre Jgaiymmessze
    Torin Matthias- Taughohrreinne Mahttheeihusse
    Archer Murray- Aughrrtchearre Muerraeeyy
    Nolan Christopher- Naughohllynne Ckhrihsstoaughphferre
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    limits, like fear, are often just an illusion

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