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    Niamh ✿ Cleora ✿ Roux ✿ Araminta *Minty* ✿ Giselle ✿ Titania ✿ Jessamine *Jia* ✿ Lilac ✿ Hayden ✿ Bizzy
    Gideon ☆ James *Jem* ☆ Fletcher ☆ Pim ☆ Theodore *Teddy* ☆ Kipling *Kip* ☆ Simon ☆ Laszlo ☆ Pollux ☆ Arthur

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    Delphine, Maxine, Marine, Martine, Justine, Pomeline, Aveline, Isaline, Claudine, Apolline, Augustine, Abbeline, Amandine, Ameline, Celestine, Seraphine, Clementine, Constantine, Elvine, Edeline, Fantine, Faline, Eponine, etc. Try searching in the name super search bar thing- there's heaps . Good luck
    Girls: Artemis Prosper-Vesper Novella Opal-Bunny Maude-Dossie Moe-Nanetta Yuki Florence-Hestia Fern-Theodora Sun-Esmeralda Noble-Dagny Petra-Mary Max-Frances Henriette-Edwige Garnet-Agnes Happy-Esther Opal-Aphra Charles-Honey Edith-Andy Boo-Cappi Bravery-Valo?-Momo Flora.

    Boys: Roland Basil-Dossie Moe-Humphrey Moe-Teddy Montgomery-Magnus Owl-Robert Linus-Frodi Lou-Obi Prosper-Enzo Noble-Cello Floyd-Dougal Morris-Hubert Walter-Joe Lazarus-Ernest Bede-Amadeus Happy-Gerald Bravery.

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    Most of my favorites have already been said except for Severine. Two syllables. LOVE it
    Due March 2015!

    Favorite names to come.

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    Northern England
    Clementine, Sistine/Sixtine, Geraldine, Jessamine, Emmeline, Evangeline and Perrine are a few of my favourites.
    close to my heart ★ Billie Cordelia - Jemima Eithne - May Margaret - Estella Agnes - Eilidh Jessamine - Virginia Eseld - Imogen Kintyre
    Rufus Kielder - Emmett Jack - Alec Huw - Wilfred Nichol - Harrison Tadhg - Robert Fox - Wes Oberon - George/Georgie Sioda

    olivia, sixteen; ''somewhat of an enigma'' (

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    Quote Originally Posted by delirious View Post
    I really like girls names that end in '-ine', but I only know of about 3, haha. So I'm wondering if you berries know some that are really beautiful, possibly even rare/unique/unusual to hear.
    Abeline meaning grass
    Adaline meaning noble
    Emmeline meaning industrious
    Clementine meaning merciful
    Evangeline meaning bearer of good news
    Sixtine meaning sixth-born
    Jessamine meaning jasmine
    Severine meaning stern
    Delphine meaning dolphin
    Jasmine meaning jasmine
    Madeleine meaning woman from Magdala
    Catherine meaning pure maiden
    Florentine meaning florence
    Josephine meaning Jehova increases
    Maybelline meaning lovable

    : )

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