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    I think they're all beautiful. Cora is one of my favourite names.

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    I really love Charlotte Amelie. I find it to be such a beautiful combination. I also love Cora Elizabeth.
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    Lorelei Grace - this reminds of Gilmore Girls, my fave soap from back in the day, so yes i think this is brilliant!
    Charlotte Amelie - I adore Charlotte so much, if only it had a better meaning, i also like Amelie, from the french movie. Yup love this too!
    Cora Elizabeth - Personally dont like Cora, and Elizabeth is a bit out of date now. Can i recommend something more modern sounding like Eliza?
    Annaliese Corinne - Dislike Annaliese, sorry. And Corinne to me is a male name (there is a TV show host here with that name and its a he)
    Melina Grace - Dislike Melina, prefer Marina or Marnie, i love Grace though (: i would keep Grace a middle name, not a first.

    Good luck! Hope you find the perfect combo (:
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    Melina Grace is my top pick from your list

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