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    Name For Main Character's Mother

    I need a name for my main character's mother! She has a daughter named Arabella, last name is two syllables and starts with "S." I need a name that is pretty and feminine. Story is set in the very near future, perhaps in the 2020's. She is an author.

    Delilah June ; Camilla Estelle ; Evelina Juliette ; Alba Genevieve

    Ronan Olympiad ; Arthur Augustine

    Louisa, Helena, Annalise, Delphine, Marian, Alexandria, Aviva, Maxima, Valentina
    Gabriel, Henry, Elias, Sebastian, Rowan, Francis, Amadeo

    under construction

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    Adabelle- Joyous and beautiful
    Alyssa- Princess
    Amara- Eternal or unfading beauty
    Charisse- Grace, beauty, kindness
    Emma- Healer of the Universe
    Femi- Love me
    Gadar- Perfection
    Habika- Sweetheart
    Karita- Loving and Benevolent
    Menaka- Celestial damsel
    Mohana- Bewitching. the enchantress
    Noya- Beautiful, Ornamented
    Ourania- Heavenly
    Pallas- Knowledge and wisdom
    Prama- Knowing truth
    Qadira- Powerful
    Raeka- Beautiful, Unique

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