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    Creatively get us to Lola and Mae!


    The battle is half over!!! We are sold on Lola and Mae!!!

    Now we are hoping to find two beautiful rare and/or vintage names (not popular or overused) that creatively get us to Lola and Mae.

    We know the traditional names but are hoping all you Berries have a few surprises we would never think of.

    In the family, girls have long names with nicknames that are REAL names that can stand alone:

    Ava for Avalon
    Evie for Evangeline
    Coco for Colette
    Lola for ?????
    Mae for ?????

    Full names for Lola and Mae should be:
    A name that could be a doctor, politician, humanitarian, rockstar, artist, etc.
    Not too popular or trendy

    Please help us find two gorgeous names to get us to Lola and Mae.

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    Amedeo Ariel Dmitri Enjolras
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    Lorelei - #501 "alluring, temptress"

    Maven - No rank - "one who understands"
    Maelle - No rank - "chief or prince" - Too boyish of meaning for you?
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    Lolene, LoLana, Jolene, Lolane, Lolace

    Maelene, Maelahn, Maerielle, Maeyna, Good Luck!

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    Boston, MA
    Audrey Marigold | Cora Vivienne | Etta Rosemary | Gwyneth Cordelia | Madeleine Vesper | Maisie Leonora | Matilda Hazel | Olive Kerensa | Rosalie Fern | Willa Margot | Zara Emmeline | Archer Nathaniel | Callum Everett | Cato Benjamin | Griffin Wilder | Jasper Amias | Julian Emrys | Leo Sebastian | Lucian Mateo | Quentin Rafferty | Rhys Donovan | Theo Everest

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