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    I prefer Ophelia, Ofelia somehow strikes me as misspelled. Also I don't think Ophelia looks that bad with your surname :-)
    My thoughts excactly
    Jared Immanuel [July '14]

    “Watch the antiques, Silver.”
    “No books at the table, Ever.”
    “Don’t go near the water, Lily.”
    “Shush, Noble.”
    “Put it back where you found it, Valor.”
    “Watch the step, Glory.”
    “Try not to spill your juice, Rose.”
    “Say hello to Allifair .”

    Alice Guinevere, Felix Gideon, Lea Evelyn

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    I prefer Ofelia. I think it looks sweeter, and it does look better with your surname. The thing is. Ofelia is the Spanish version, and it is traditionally pronounced oh-FELL-yah, as opposed to Ophelia which is pronounced oh-FEEL-yah.

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    I much prefer Ophelia...
    Tasha. 21. Brit. Name Geek.

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    I'm sorry...I can't take "Ofelia" seriously- but I LOVE Ophelia!

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    Thank you all for the responses so far!

    I think I might have decided which spelling I prefer - but I still have to convince my husband so keep the comments coming!
    Lena & Ioannis
    Mom to Matteo Alexander

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