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    If you had 3 daughters...

    I did the boy version earlier and was curious if you knew what you would name 3 daughters. I think this is a fun way to think and was interested to see what others would do. My 3 daughters would be:
    Hazel Nouvel
    Connelly Branwen
    Maven Eliss
    What are your thoughts?
    Boys: Sullivan James, Judah Theodore, Murphy Benjamin, and Oliver Lewis
    Girls: Jane Calliope, Phoebe Claire, Quinn ____, and Mavis Rae

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    today -

    Maebry Eloise
    Emilia Sunday
    Lily Anne Vesper
    Piers Lachlan o Charlie Birch o Jack Wilder
    Sophie Jane Magnolia o Emma Eloise Maebry o Anneline ?

    crushing on - Tadhg Emerson and Maebry Eloise
    GP - Wilder Thackeray and Story Anneliese
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    heart my son

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    Alix Sebastienne
    Lourdes Raphaelle
    Vivienne Lucrece

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    Alexandria Kate
    Full time baby name lover who does hair on the side.

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    Such great combos already! Connelly is a cool name, I like it.
    My three girls would be:

    1. Wilhelmina Marie (Minnie)
    2. Louisa Jane (Lula)
    3. Hilda Patricia (Hildie)
    Mommy to Konrad Wolfgang 12/31/13
    Already got that naming fever again...
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