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    If you had 3 sons...

    If you had three sons what would you name them? Would you have a theme? If so, what would it be? I have just been thinking lately about if I had three sons and I decided their names probably would be:
    Sullivan James
    Shepherd Moses (I know Moses is biblical, but it felt good there)
    Judah Theodore
    If you have any suggestions for my names leave a note.

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    The easy part would be that we would choose from our top 5 names, the hard part which three.

    today -

    Archer Finley
    Piers Lachlan
    Quentin Atlas
    Piers Lachlan | Gray Everett | Tadhg Wilder
    Jack Wilder | Henry Birch | Charlie Hawthorne

    Maebry Elizabeth Posy | Eloise Margaret Birdie | Coralie Jane Magnolia
    Sophie Jane Magnolia | Emma Eloise Maebry | Isabel Margaret Birdie "Isby"

    heart my son

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    Althea Zosia Rose _ Cecilia Ima Grace _ Martha Catherine Beatriz
    Anouk Johanna Evelyn _ Roberta Joni Frances

    Homer Zephaniah Drew _ Jude Rafferty Sage _ Apollo River Samuel
    Cormac William Yves _ Fletcher Sid Montgomery _ Emil Zebedee Red

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    I love Biblical names for first names. I tend to prefer family names for middle names.

    My three boys would be:
    Jonah Thomas
    Ezra Jack
    Micah James

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