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    Six Year Old Name Choices For Girls

    My six year old niece made a top ten name list of girls. What do you think of them??

    Star Marie
    Paulette Jalia (Juh-lee-ah)
    Adorabella Vera
    Lady Naomi
    Ulla Guinevere (OO-lah)
    Charlotte Dove
    Daphne Ava
    Cat Olivia
    Paris Haven "Pari"
    Sara Mackie
    Tzipporah LorraineAlana LoriJudith ChristineLucy Ann Glenna Judith

    David WalterCassidy LawrenceHarrison Drake Solomon HenryAubrey Mark

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    I like Cat Olivia haha

    Daphne Ava and Charlotte Dove are pretty lovely as well! When I was 6 I was still disappointed my baby sister wasn't named Fizz after the Tweenies character.
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    My favorite is Charlotte Dove

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    I love Charlotte Dove too. Not a fan of others though.
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    Daphne Ava and Charlotte Dove are precious. I think your niece is a future Berry-in-the-making!
    All the best,

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