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    I'd say yes to


    Rosalind is the only one I love though.
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    Elvira - definitely too much like aloe vera for me, haha

    Desdemona - All I see is 'Demon' in it, so probably not a good idea. :/

    Agatha - one of my favourites, Agatha is lovely!

    Lettice - this reminds me of Lettice Rowbotham off of BGT this year ( ), she developed a reputation for being very posh, but she was certainly talented. I'm a bit indifferent on it.

    Alida/Elida - not a fan I'm afraid. I did find the name Eleda (not sure if it's similar/a variant) recently though.

    Virginia - my aunty (my mum's closest sister) is named Virginia nn Ginny. I really like it

    Twila - I would say this as Twy-la. It's pretty.

    Hester - Hester is very nice, I like it, but prefer Esther.

    Hesper - Hesper is lovely, but it may be too close to Hester. How about Hespera?

    Bibiana - definitely not a fan of this one. It feels along the same lines as Lolita for me.

    Rosalind - Rosalind is gorgeous, but does have pronunciations issues. Are you using Roz-ah-lynd, or Rose-ah-lynd?

    Alexandra - I really like Alexandra myself

    Dolores - definitely not a fan, it's just got an icky feel to me. Along the same lines as Barbara for me. Lolita, although recently used by an actor in the UK (Shane Roche), I definitely think is too negatively attached to the book. I love Lola though.

    Sibylla - I'm not a fan of Sybil/Sibylla, but Billie is gorgeous. Sibylla is ok, but may be confusing to some.

    Rosalba - gorgeous!

    Hebe - Definitely too much like 'he be' for me. I dislike this one a lot.

    Celestine - nice, but I prefer Celestia

    Zita - all I see is 'zit'

    Alberta - eh, being Canadian all I think of is the province, but it has potential.

    Delphi/Delphine - I adore Delphine! Delphi is nice too, but Delphine is by far my favourite!

    Penrose - not a fan at all, it just doesn't feel like a name, if that makes sense?

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    Italics means maybe/indifferent/not my style. Plain (no changes) means I wouldn't add it. Bold means I love it/definitely add it.

    Elvira - I don't hear "aloe vera," though it does come across as a very stereotypical goth name, along the lines of Ravenna.
    Desdemona - I like this name, but the Shakespearean maiden is not a fortunate one. There's also the word "demon" in the name, and that not-so-attractive "moan" syllable.
    Agatha - I like for author Christie. It's not my style, but nice.
    Lettice - I think it'd get mispronounced constantly as "lettuce." Makes me think of the vegetable, and does sound a bit high-strung.
    Alida/Elida - I prefer Leda.
    Virginia - It has a nice enough sound, but it makes me think of how Queen Elizabeth was objectified by her virginity.
    Twila - I say twill-uh. Nms, but okay.
    Hester - it's not a bad name, but like Lolita or Beyonce, it's one of those names that sort of belongs to a single figure, in this case Hester Prynne.
    Hesper - actually, Hespera means evening star, and she is one of Greek mythologies' Hesperides. I prefer Hespera to Hesper.
    Bibiana - not a fan.
    Rosalind - lovely, though I prefer Rosaline.
    Alexandra - definitely tired. Alexandria is remotely more appealing, but frankly I'm a bit done with the entire Alex- family.
    Dolores - meh.
    Sibylla - meh.
    Rosalba - a bit too much of something, I don't know. Perhaps you'd like Rosella?
    Hebe - it does look a bit like "he be," and you might get some odd looks. Perhaps you'd like Hestia or her Roman counterpart Vesta?
    Celestine - gorgeous.
    Zita - I like Vita.
    Alberta - nothing wrong with it, not my style, though. I like nn Albie.
    Penrose - cute.
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    Are you happy to be back home in England, Oliviasarah?


    Agatha - I love mysteries so the literary pedigree with Ms Christie appeals to me
    Alida - pretty and feminine
    Celestine - I love Celeste and this is close enough
    Hester - I prefer Esther
    Bibiana - full of energy
    Rosalind - although you will have to choose between Rosemary, Rosalind and Rosalba.
    Alexandra - classics can never be "tired"
    Delphine - chic and sophisticated
    Dolores - I like it even if it's clunky
    Sibylla - I prefer the Sybilla spelling as well as just Sybil
    Rosalba - see Rosalind
    Virginia - so many wonderful nn options (Ginger, Ginny, Gigi)
    Zita - an underused saint name.


    Elvira - this makes me think of vampire "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark".
    Desdemona - a most unfortunate and tragic Shakepearean character
    Lettice - it comes off as a bit snobby to me
    Twila - TWY-la would be how I pronounce it.
    Hesper - I like the meaning but prefer Esther or Hester to this version
    Hebe - this name is too similar to the term "hebe gebe's" (minor fright or apprehension)
    Alberta - a Canadian province
    Penrose - better in the middle spot
    All the best,

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    Elvira - I have heard of an Elvira or two so the name it's not at all unusual to me. I am pretty sure it has a nice meaning.
    Desdemona - No. Doesn't it mean "misery"?
    Agatha - Beautiful name. I like it with the ones in your signature.
    Lettice - I am in the minority, but I think Lettice is pretty.
    Alida/Elida - I prefer Elida but I am lukewarm to both.
    Virginia - Lovely name. Ginger is such a good, old school nickname.
    Twila - Twila sounds very quirky, like a little bird tweeting. I am not sure about the pronounciation but I like both variations.
    Hester - I prefer Esther.
    Hesper - I can't imagine it on a real child, sorry. Vesper looks and sounds more user-friendly.
    Bibiana - Remindes me of beavers because of its similarity to Biber, sorry.
    Rosalind - That's a nice Shakespearean one, not like Desdemona.
    Alexandra - I haven't met a nice Alexandra myself so I can't make myself like it. I like Alexander and Alexandria but not Alexandra.
    Dolores - Nice. Since first hearing it in my Spanish class, I have liked Dolores.
    Sibylla - I adore Sibyl and Sibylla. One of my my absolute favorites.
    Rosalba - Too complicated for me, I prefer Rosalind.
    Hebe - Looks like you are a lover of He-names. I prefer Hester to Hebe and Hesper.
    Celestine - Good name with good meaning.
    Zita - I can only imagine how many "Where is Gita?" comments she may get.
    Alberta - I like "clunky" feminizations, so yes.
    Delphi/Delphine - Delphi remindes me of sororities but Delphine is beautiful.
    Penrose - It's a bit too masculine to me.
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