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    Love Amelia, but please don't subject her to 'mealy Milly'. Milly's about the most detestable nickname I've ever heard for a precious girl. Emilia is alright, but sounds a bit OCD next to the freer, happier Amelia.

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    I prefer the Amelia spelling.

    1. It's the most common spelling so she won't have to constantly correct people
    2. Amelia Bedelia is really not that iconic of a figure. I've heard of the connection, but it's certainly not the first place my mind goes. And honestly, Emilia Bedelia taunts just as readily. I don't get how the spelling change would make that big a difference on this factor.
    3. There are SOOOOOO many Em- names out there. They feel ubiquitous and overwhelming. Emily, Emmeline, Emma, Emme, Emmy, Emilie, Emiliana, and tons of spelling variations therewith. So saying it's 'less popular' than Amelia is a bit of a misnomer to me.
    4. I prefer the nn Milly/Millie. It's cute and more unique than Emmie
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    I prefer Emilia. I've never even heard of Amelia B...I think of Amelia Earhart. I love Emmie/Emi so much more than Milly and I feel it's a tad bit more unique.
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    I don't like either name personally, but I think I slightly prefer Emilia, because it isn't so incredibly popular.
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    I too see these two names as different (I'm European, mind you)… I prefer Emilia, mostly because it's not as popular as Amelia and Shakespeare… and, BECAUSE of Emilia Romagna (you listed it in the "cons" for your husband) -- it's one of the most beautiful regions in Italy and it has the best food in an otherwise pretty amazing country foodwise! So for me it makes the name even more appealing, for some reason…
    But both names are lovely! And like a previous poster, Amelia for me is immediately reminiscent of Amelia Earhart, not Amelia B….
    Ah, and on a side note, have you considered Amalia as an alternative?

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