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    Amedeo Enjolras Aristotle Leonardo Archer Olivier Mischa Liam Caspian Benedict Theodore Fitzwilliam
    Rosalie Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Alice Elisabeth Stella Titania Artemis Cicely Margarethe Thalia Astrid

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    I love Clea, Tamsin, Stella, Elle, Juniper, Thea and Ruby from your list, the other names are great but aren't personally my taste/style. They're all very usable names, you have a great list.

    I prefer Elle/Eleanor to Ellie/Ellis, Clea to Cleo, Emerson to Emilia/Emilie, Lyra to Lyla.

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    Jane*Fiona*Thea*Gwyneth*Alice*Evangeline*Bridget*L ucy*Maren*Faye*Rosalind*Betsy
    {middle names}Cosima~Carissa~Carys~Lotus~Athena~Annika~Ele anor
    {honor middles}Florence~Constance~Lorraine~Josephine
    Oren*Lars*Bram*Griffin*Jude*Nolan*Otis*Dylan*River *Pierce*Tristan*Asher*Rhett
    {middle names}Drake~Caspian~Caius~Cassius~Penn~
    {honor middles}Wolf~Carson~Edward/Edmund~August

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    Alexandra - classic but boring, much prefer Alexander
    Annabel - gorgeous, love this name
    Arden - i do not like this
    Auden - i do not like this
    Ava - gorgeous but too popular
    Beatrix - pretty but prefer beatrice
    Bronwen - i do not like
    Brooke - i do not like
    Chloe - ok, too boring
    Claire - gorgeous name and love this spelling
    Clea - i do not like
    Cleo - i do not like
    Daisy - very pretty
    Eleanor - love this name
    Elle - love elle as a nn to Eleanor
    Ellie - same as above
    Ellis - dont llike
    Eloise - pretty
    Emerson - dont like
    Emilia -pretty
    Emilie - pretty
    Eve - pretty
    Fiona - i do not like
    Flannery - dont like
    Gemma - dont like
    Grace - gorgeous love this as a first or middle name
    Hadley - do not like
    Hannah - do not like
    Harper - cute but too popular
    Imogene - dont like
    Isobel - pretty
    Juliet - pretty
    Juniper - do not like
    Lily - gorgeous but too popular love as a middle
    Liv - if it was a nn to olivia but on its own i do not like
    Lyla - dont like
    Lyra - dont like
    Margot - gorgeous
    Mia - super cute but like it as a nn to amelia
    Molly - dont like
    Morgan - dont like
    Phoebe - love this
    Piper- dont like
    Rae- dont like
    Rose - gorgeous
    Ruby - super cute
    Sadie - dont like
    Sophie - pretty but plain
    Stella - cute
    Tabitha - dont like
    Tallulah - dont like
    Tamsin - dont like
    Tatum - dont like
    Thea - dont like
    Violet - gorgeous love this
    Wren - dont like
    Zoe - cute but wouldnt use

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    Thanks everyone! I'm overwhelmed by the response I've received! this is extremely helpful in narrowing my list.
    *Current Name Crushes*

    Beatrix, Margot, and Samson

    Looking To Collect More.

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