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    Phoebe, hands down. It's a lovely looking name with wonderful history, I should like it but that repeating ee-ee sound is just nails on a chalkboard to me.

    Imogen-It just sounds very boring to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Many Berries love the name Aurora. I can agree that it looks pretty on the page but it's a b*tch to say aloud.
    I totally agree with this. In fact, any name with a double 'r' sound I struggle with. I work with a guy called Rory and I actually have to consciously think about it every time I say his name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahdoodle View Post
    Eulalie for sure. Cassia depending on how it's pronounced. (I really like cas-ee-a but strongly dislike cash-a.)
    I feel the same way about Cassia!

    Other names that I really like in print but am not smitten with out loud for some reason or other:

    Leonie-The most frustrating one because it's one of my favorites! It just sounds so strange and clumsy to me when I say it.
    Ottilie-Same as with Leonie.
    Ezekiel-Sounds like I'm struggling.
    Bastien-The only way I like it pronounced is the French way but I don't speak French regularly.
    Lucien- Really like it but can only think and hear "Lucy" when I say it out loud.
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    Genevieve and Guinevere. Such beautiful names on paper, even in my head, but when I try to say them out loud or I hear someone else saying it out loud... it's just not as pretty. It also depends on the pronunciation and individual accent, I guess. From my favourites, Taran and Vega actually sound better in my head or on paper rather than said out loud.
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