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    Favorite Boy Name Combos

    I always come up with new boy names and some of my favorites are:
    1. Sullivan James
    2. Shepard Moses
    3. Judah Arlo
    4. Jude Charles
    5. Silas Odin
    6. Theodore Harrison
    7. Augustus Monty
    What are your ideas or suggestions?

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    My favourite from your list is Sullivan James. Fantastic name!

    Some of my personal favourites are in my sig, I also like:

    Abraham Gale
    Alfred Montgomery
    Caleb Hart
    Caspian Holmes / Edmund Holmes
    Ozias Gideon
    Patrick Amadeus
    Rex Severin
    Victor | Ephraim | Phineas

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    Sullivan James -- not a Sullivan fan personally, but this is a nice name

    Shepard Moses -- I prefer the Shepherd spelling. I wouldn't use something as heavily Biblical as Moses in the middle spot. Maybe Shepard Charles, Shepard Arlo, Shepard Harrison...?

    Judah Arlo -- not loving the ah/ar sounds back to back like this. I would consider a middle that starts with a consonant.

    Jude Charles -- too choppy. Jude Charleston? Judah Charles? Jude Arlo?

    Silas Odin -- I love Silas. This is a nice combo.

    Theodore Harrison -- I prefer Theodore Harris.

    Augustus Monty -- not a big fan of Augustus, but this is quirky and stately and really nice
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    My favourite from your list is Silas Odin - a good strong name combo. Next up would be Theodore Harrison - sophisticated little chap he is indeed.

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    Piers Lachlan | Gray Everett | Tadhg Wilder
    Jack Wilder | Henry Birch | Charlie Hawthorne

    Maebry Elizabeth Posy | Eloise Margaret Birdie | Coralie Jane Magnolia
    Sophie Jane Magnolia | Emma Eloise Maebry | Isabel Margaret Birdie "Isby"

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