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    current favorite names:



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    Mommy to Travis Nevin Officially TTC #2!
    Future Sons: Angus Loudon ...or... Harvey Leonhard ...or... Jethro Blaise
    Future Daughters: Ada Gertrude ...or... Florence Imogen ...or... Amity Scarlet

    Crushing on: Midred Nathanael Harriet "Hattie" Rufus Ainhoa Hamish Elspeth Donovan Thisbe Jules Romilly Laszlo Rowena "Winnie"

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    You are all so great! Keep em coming please! niteowl13 my vote goes for Omri too!!! I just can't get DH to budge. Why he is being so incredibly picky.

    I should add that we tend to disfavor Italian and French names for some reason.

    Luca/Lucius/Lucia: I have tried to convince DH to use one of these instead of Lucid for a middle name but he is not convinced.
    Solomon: My SIL last name.
    Enzo: a friend's dog
    Asa: I LOVE but its is getting crazy popular with a current movie out.
    Zane: A good friend, but not namesake worthy
    Ragnor: We LOVE the Vikings show... but it makes the name less usable for us
    Arlo: Same with True Blood
    Malachi: My friend's son
    Oscar: again LOVE but getting too popular for us

    New ones I like, but don't expect DH to:
    Uriah (DH was raised strict Christian and has gone sour against it in many ways, so anything with "god" in the meaning tends to send him running"

    Also I forgot to add that I vetoed these two because they didn't sound right with our last name:


    More please!!! THANK YOU

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