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    Thank you!

    Britton was actually unexpected for us too, and not even a name on our short list. When the twins were born we didn't like our original choice. A family member suggested Britton, which happens to honor her bio mom, and it fits her just perfectly!

    Girl names are just SO hard for us!

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    Congratulations with your twins! I love your boy's name, and Britton was certainly... unexpected. Never heard of it before, but it's lovely.
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    While I'm not a fan of Britton, Britton Adelaide does sound lovely . Jackson and Britton sound great together, congrats!
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    Congratulations!!! I've read the other thread about your family, and I must say I'm impressed - there's just so much love in your hearts! All the best for brave parents, adoptive and bio, and all five precious children of yours!
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