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    Thoughts on this name?

    What do you all think of the name Sapphira? pronounced Sa-fee-ra. Please honest opinions!!

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    I would pronounce it Sa-FYE-ruh looking at it but I think its very pretty. The more I say it the way you've stated I get more used to it and like it more...
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    It seems like a stripper name to me. Sorry.

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    I pronounce it the same way as you. Not really a fan of Sapphira, its just not my style. I know someone who goes by Sapphira "Saph" and she's really weird, so that's what I think of.
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    Beautiful and exotic. Just because it's a gemstone/mineral name that isn't Opal or Beryl doesn't mean it's stripper-ish. :/ Strippers could be named anything under the sun, and that includes their stage names.
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