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    Your favourite last names (TOP 3!)

    What's your favourite last names? It can be your own or perhaps someone you know or a name you've heard before

    List 3 of your favourite last names!

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    [1] Breslin
    As in Abigail Breslin, Olive from Little Miss Sunshine. I just like how it sounds and Abigail is a good namesake.
    [2] Parish
    Name of one of my childhood friends
    [3] Foster
    I just like the name

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    1. Winter- Because it's so magical and whimsical sounding with the kind of names I like. It's nice as a first or middle as well.
    2. Bennet/Darcy- Because of Pride and Prejudice.
    3. Meadows/Rivers- Pretty much anything naturey and cool. I would have said Holmes, but some names paired with it sound like an estate agent. :P
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    I like European surnames that begin with de or van/von the most. They sound the fanciest.

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    Nova Scotia, Canada
    From my own family - Hayes & Porter, I like both
    I didn't change my last name when i married because I like my own, but there are a few that I have heard/met and thought, hmm i might have gone for that name if i had had the chance...
    Lannon, Quinn, MacQueen, Noble - I just like how they sound.
    Maybe I am a name nerd
    Edmund & Henry
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