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  • Godiva Maebry Fairylithe Juniper Hazel

    2 5.71%
  • Godiva Maebry Ferelith Juniper Hazel

    29 82.86%
  • Godiva Maebry Fairylight Juniper Hazel

    4 11.43%
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    Fairylithe, Ferelith or Fairylight....

    This is a short version of my longer poll/ questions I wrote earlier.

    Which combination do you prefer of the 3 below? Is there a reason for your choice?

    1. Godiva Maebry Fairylithe Juniper Hazel
    2. Godiva Maebry Ferelith Juniper Hazel
    3. Godiva Maebry Fairylight Juniper Hazel

    Do you have other suggestions that complement this naming style? Thanx
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    Been a Ferelith supporter since the get-go so that's my choice. Just look up it's meaning, "true sovereign" isn't that beautiful?

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    I think that Ferelith has such a lovely, wispy sound.
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    Wow, four middle names? I strongly prefer Ferelith. It's lovely and sweet and gracious. Fairylight is just too much, imo.
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    Wow, what a combo.

    I prefer Ferelith myself as it's got a soft and whimsical feel as well as a good strength. Fairylight/Fairylithe doesn't seem to have that strength - I love whimsy myself, but the prominent Fairy part in the name I think gives it a much-too-cutesy kind of feel.
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