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Thread: Name this Class

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    Name this Class

    The children’s teacher is very young, fresh out of college and a bit naive about disciplining the children. She is sweet, soft-spoken and approachable, though, and the kids know that they could tell her anything. Her name is (1)______ ______ ______ (first, middle and last)

    Student #1:
    This girl is very kind-hearted and is always willing to help the other students with their work. She is a bit shy when she first meets someone new, but after she warms up to them she is a wonderful friend. Her first and middle names are a bit old-fashioned. Her name is (2)______ ______ ______.

    Student #2:
    This seven-year-old little boy is just that – a boy. He loves trucks, dinosaurs, and getting dirty. He can be a bit of a trouble-maker and likes to show off for the other kids. His first name is very masculine. His name is (3)______ ______ ______.

    Student #3:
    This boy is usually quiet and shy when he’s in the classroom, but gains much more confidence and becomes very out-spoken when he’s playing sports. Most of his friends are surprised to see how good he is on the soccer field, and he is happy to be able to impress them. All of his names are your choice. His name is (4)______ ______ ______.

    Student #4:
    This little “dude” says exactly what is on his mind, and can be brutally honest. He is the class-clown, and is horrible at keeping secrets, but he is a really good listener. His parents are both from Puerto Rico, so one, two or all of his names should have some kind of Latin / Hispanic origin. His name is (5)______ ______ ______.

    Student #5:
    This girl is very warm, cheerful and friendly. She loves taking care of animals and being outside in nature – essentially, she’s your average girl-next-door. Her first and middle names are up to you, but her surname must be Italian. Her name is (6)______ ______ ______.

    Student #6:
    The youngest student in the class, this girl just turned six and is a “queen bee” in the making. She loves being the center of attention and is a little bit spoiled by her wealthy parents. Her first name is at least three syllables long and her surname is of French origin. Her name is (7)______ ______ ______.

    Student #7:
    This little boy is very smart and one of the best students in the class. His favourite subjects are probably math and science, but he is also very good at music and loves playing the piano. His middle name is after a historical figure. His name is (8)______ ______ ______.

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    Teacher: Olivia Elizabeth Emet.

    1. Charlotte Florence "Charlie" Cuellar.
    2. Andrew Thomas "Drew" Ballard.
    3. Benjamin Michael "Ben" Shillan.
    4. Alexander Diego "Alex" Zutrau.
    5. Emma Catherine DeNuccio.
    6. Sophia Gabrielle "Sophie" Levine.
    7. Atticus George Joy.

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    Teacher: Emily Sophia Smith

    Student #1: Faye Elizabeth White
    Student #2: Axel Logan Nelson
    Student #3: Wyatt Carson Moore
    Student #4: Diego Cruz Ortiz
    Student #5: Seraphina Lola Devino
    Student #6: Jacqueline Pearl Bernier
    Student #7: Augustus Martin Price

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    Teacher: Ms. Elle Louisa Granger

    Student #1: Lucia Mae Browning
    Student #2: Brogan Malachi King
    Student #3: Judah Mason Carnes
    Student #4: Diego Cristian Martinez
    Student #5: Alexandra Mali Milano
    Student #6: Matilda June Baptiste
    Student #7: Oliver Lincoln Lange

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    Teacher: Molly Claire Jefferson
    Student #1: Mary Margaret Chapman
    Student #2: Travis Riley Ellingfield
    Student #3: Jonathan Paul Gaines "Jon"
    Student #4: Javier Diego Santiago
    Student #5: Lily Rose Giordano
    Student #6: Alexandria Michelle Fontaine "Alexis"
    Student #7: Michael Kennedy Young "Mike"

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