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Thread: 14 Girls

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    May 2014
    Twins: Farrah Seraphina and Shiloh Felicity

    Triplets: Hazel Paloma, Jade Philippa, and Luciana Phoenix nn Lux

    Quads: Hartley Skye, Rosalie Willow, Melanie Holland, and Saoirse Aviana

    Quints: Evanna Julian, Aurelia Chandler, Celia Acacia, Una Doutzen, and Livia Cruz
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    Danville, Tri-State Area
    You can call me Abby
    Competitive dancer, hopeful writer, sophomore in high school,
    and most importantly, name obsessed
    My future little...
    Bows: Lila or Maeve or Moira or Sadie or Iris or Violet or Ivy or Margo
    Beaus: Carter or Jasper or Leo or Archer or Torin or Seamus or August

    This week I'm liking: Milania and Malcolm

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    Twins: Holiday + Hartley
    Triplets: Blanche, Birdy, Bellamy
    Quads: Clear, Chase, Cameo, Clark
    Quints: Linnae, Laken, Lennon, Lark, Leonora

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    Melbourne, Australia
    My list is all over the place at the moment, but here goes...

    Twins: Antigone Frances & Xanthe Beatrice
    Triplets: Cordelia Jane, Harriet Daisy & Sibyl Jessamine
    Quadruplets: Hermione Charlotte, Persephone Violet, Guinevere Ada & Florence Melpomene
    Quintuplets: Ottilie Maeve, Clementine Mary, Edith Octavia, Agnes Polyxena and Tabitha Isla

    "Annie, Xanthe, Cora, Hattie, Sibyl, Hera, Effie, Guin, Florence, Ottilie, Clementine, Edie, Agnes and Tibby"
    18 // books, tea & names. ❤

    Antigone Florence, Beatrice Isla, Cordelia, Guinevere, Harriet, Hermione Charlotte, Orla Genevieve, Persephone & Sibyl
    August, Edmund, Felix Rafferty, Henry Poseidon Arthur, Lysander Sherlock, Oliver Cedric Balthazar, Herbert Alexander

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    Definitely winging it but here goes!

    Twins: Somerset Blythe & Primrose Josephine

    Triplets: Helena May & Heidi Louise & Harmony Jean

    Quads: Lavender Bea & Elodie Winter & Zinnia Lark & Prudence Willow

    Quints: Aoife Eugenia & Niamh Ianthe & Saoirse Ginevra & Orla Phaedra & Irina Gilberte
    ✯Stephanie May✯
    kiss a lover, dance a measure, find your name and buried treasure.

    Somerset | Harmony | Primrose | Zinnia | Arcadia
    Gerhardt | Rainier | Jethro | Homer | Lowell


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