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    Organize my list into sibsets? +suggestions?

    Hi. (I'm not expecting, just a name nerd!)
    I'm hoping to figure out my naming style a little clearer and find some sibsets within my list. I also would love some suggestions of names you might think I would like.
    My list isn't long because I am picky!

    Atlas (Maybe just a middle? Or does it fit with these other names?)

    To give you a further idea of my style: I don't care much for popularity, but seem to stay away from more popular names for girls, but with boys its not a concern.
    20 yr old name nerd, nanny & health and nutrition undergrad

    Loving for the ladies: Harriet, Olive, Daphne and Frances
    And for the gentlemen: Peter, Charles and Beau (much harder than girls for me)

    In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer -Albert Camus

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    Harriet, Olive and Peter (*swoon*) (Hattie, Ollie and Peter)
    Winifred and Frances (ditto) (Winnie and Frankie)
    Peter and Charles
    Theodore and Frances
    Atlas and Olive
    Daphne and Beau
    Charles, Theodore and Winifred.

    Really, they could all make beautiful sibsets- Atlas is great I think it would fit right in, it has the sort of deliciously clunky / old fashioned feel that the rest of your names have. I LOVE your style.

    Girls: Vinnie, Lavinia, Rosemary, Lillian, Elspeth, Louise / Louisa, Eloise / Eloisa, Amabel, Mabel, Lavender, Iris, Ivy, Millicent, Pearl, Rose, Hestia, Agnes, Opal, Penelope, Pru, Jean, Constance, Clemency, Meredith, Nan, Fern, Maude, Alma, Alva, Sylvie, Margo / Margot, Philippa, Minerva, Ginerva, Ursula, Amity, Araminta, Ada, Adah, Benilde, Edith, Wilhemina, Ida, Martine, Florence, Susannah, Susan, Ruth, Ramona, Margery, Mary, Eleanor, Verity, Vivian, Clara, Adelaide, Nora, Eliza, Brontë / Bronte.

    Morris, Remus, Roland, Eugene, Gerald, Edward, Edmund, Jonathan, John, Andrew, Tobias, Albert, Abner, Henry, Bram, Klaus, Clark, Claude, Lemuel, Lawrence (nn Lars), Arthur, Basil, Hale, Clarence, Lionel, Linus, Boaz, Emmanuel, Ishmael (nn Iggy), Frederick, Franklin, Bernard, Abraham, Otto, Oscar, Philip, Louis, George, Timothy, James, Thomas, Dashiell, Caspar / Casper.
    Girls: Vesper Noble, Anouk Minnie, Yuki Beloved, Momo Flora, Constance Nellie, Esther Opal, Nanette Camellia, Bertie Alma, Bernadette Frances, Prudence Bellamy, Paloma Valentine, Shalom Galilee, Mary Valentine, Agnes Gardenia, Mercy Susannah.

    Boys: Dossie Gardener, Bertram Beloved, Morris Basil, Reginald Noble, Gerald Dove, Humphrey Kip, Amadeus Andrew, Abraham Lou, Thaddeus Palomo, Bernard Prosper, Ernest Francesco, Enzo Raphael, Shalom Valour, Moses Lou, Solomon Thaddeus, Shepherd Andrew.

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