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    Order name you like best to least.

    Order mine and hubbies girl name list from your favorite to least favorite. Thanks<3

    Amethyst Grace

    Mirabelle Pearl

    Aurora Elizabelle

    Chloe Arabella

    Ariella Anastasia

    Jessamine Rose

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    Aurora Elizabelle
    Mirabelle Pearl
    Ariella Anastasia
    Amethyst Grace
    Jessamine Rose
    Chloe Arabella

    My urge is to say that Amethyst Grace is my favourite, but when I try to think about the name Amethyst being used in an everyday fashion, I feel like it's almost not possible... try yelling it three times out your back door!

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    Jessamine Rose (Love Jessamine!)
    Chloe Arabella (Love Arabella!)
    Amethyst Grace (Amethyst is cool!)
    Mirabelle Pearl
    Aurora Elizabelle (Love Aurora!)
    Ariella Anastasia

    As I'm sure you can tell, I like a few of these names.
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    1.) Amethyst Grace (the nn Ammy / Ammie is lovely)

    2.) Mirabelle Pearl (I love the nn Mira and Belle)

    3.) Aurora Elizabelle (Love Aurora)

    4.) Jessamine Rose

    5.) Chloe Arabella

    6.) Ariella Anastasia

    They are all lovely names.
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