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    Please Help Me Narrow Down My List- Boys.

    Hi Berries,
    The title pretty much says it all- please help me narrow down my list. There are lots of names that I love, but these are the names I can see on a child of mine. Can you please give me some advice as to what I should cut out of my list and why, or just list what you feel are the best names? Thank you all so much!:

    Remus, Gerald, Eugene, Roland, Bernard, Arthur (I love the combo Arthur Gardener), Dougal, Otto, Murphy, Amadeus, Aslan, Dune, Wolfgang, Casper, Abraham, Bram, Absalom, Bee, Mack, Franklin, Ishmael (Iggy), Clark, Klaus, Albus, Jiminy, Moe, Albert, Roald, Morris.

    Girls Version:
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    My favourites from your list are:
    Wolfgang (Love this! See my sig. )
    Remus (See sig again, I can't resist a good character name)
    Arthur (See above :P)
    Amadeus (But not with Wolfgang, I'd choose Wolfgang over Amadeus though I love both)
    Albert (Starting to warm to this)
    Albus (Again, I love character names, but I still find it a bit difficult to imagine on a child, but I'd love to meet one, so I'd change my mind!)

    I wouldn't use:
    Aslan (As far as I know (and from what my mum told me), he's supposed to be a representation of Jesus ('Aslan dies on the alter, he is resurrected etc.) and that connection is too much for me)
    Jiminy (Will forever be succeeded in my head by Cricket)
    Otto and Moe (Both remind me of Simpsons characters, and I really can't shake the association)
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    Amadeus I like a lot but only as a middle name.
    Clark Amadeus would be so handsome.
    Clark is my favorite.

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    I think the top 6 boy's names from your list are:
    Abraham "Bram"

    The other names would make good middle names. Maybe you could narrow it down to which you think would make the best first names and which sound better in the middle?
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    @myosotis Thank you very much. Yes, a metaphor for Jesus Christ as a name might be a bit much to handle. Thanks . I've never really watched the Simpsons (I think I've seen 1 episode, about 10 years ago), but do you think people would automatically have that association? I wouldn't have a sibset of Moe and Otto then, but would the association still be too strong on their own? Thanks.

    @ashleyjuliette Thank you very much. I love Amadeus and Clark- I hadn't really thought of combining them. Thanks.

    @hypatia_jane Thank you very much- that is a good suggestion, the only problem is that the only one I think would sound better in the middle would be Dune . Thanks again.

    Thank you everyone!
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