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    Is it just me or...?

    Am I the only one who's not into nicknames? Don't get me wrong, I think it can be a great way to shorten a longer name but, does it bugs you when people call your child by a nickname instead of their full name? Because it drives me bonkers! :x

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    Yes, yes, yes. I plan on giving my daughter a name that will be difficult to reduce to a nickname for this very reason. Cutesy names are for cats, imo.

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    One of my biggest pet peeves. Why pick a great name and not use it? Or if you are going to use a nickname, then why not use it as the full name?

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    I adore nicknames in the front spot, so I would definitely just choose say, Lottie over Charlotte. As boyandgirl said, why name your child one thing, if you're calling them another? I'd also use Ellie, or Eleanor, but never Eleanor nn Ellie. If her friends shorten it, I obviously wouldn't mind, but I wouldn't call her by a nickname unless she asked.
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    I like nicknames most of the time, but when it comes to old classics like Frederick, Edward, Arthur, William, Joseph, Christopher, Benjamin, Leopold, etc. I can't stand most of them. It makes them seem so much less grand. Ed, Fred, Art, Joe, Chris, Leo, Ben, they're just not for me.
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