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Thread: 6 Boys?

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    6 Boys?

    I recently saw a thread that asked "if you had 6 girls, what would they be named?", So I decided to do the same with boys! have fun!

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    If it were solely up to me (and if we're living in a more fanciful world)...

    Samuel Bird Evander
    Edward Solomon Wolf
    George Callaway Jasper
    Arthur Tobias Quentin
    Gideon River Zebedee
    Ezra Wesley Brandon

    Who cares about flow?
    Helen / Alice / Jane / Mary / Rose
    Sam / James / Theo / Edward / CiarΓ‘n

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    Of course my non-existant SO happens to love all my favourites as well.

    Caspian Sherlock Edmund
    Phoenix Arthur Blaise
    Ptolemy Alexander Remus
    Artemus Bartholomew Malik
    Nikolai Horatio Emrys
    Wolfgang Dorian Edgar
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    Caspian Sherlock Walter β—‹ Pandora Valencia Fae
    β—‹ Ptolemy Lysander Albert | Horatio Phoenix Arthur | Nikolai Emrys Altair | Artemus Dorian Hugo β—‹
    Mister Men Combos β—‹ Little Misses Combos
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    Downton Abbey
    Zara Marigold Lucy|William Daniel Jacob.

    Princesses: Ava. Isabella. Emilia. Zara. Freya. Elle. Evelyn. Scarlett. Lillian. Stella. Mila. Arianna. Clara. Eliana. Elise. Sienna. Hattie. Maisie. Florence. Elsie. Lottie. Orla. Aoife. Tallulah. Rhiannon. Estelle

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