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Thread: 6 Boys?

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    Of course, having your two of your children named after the same person doesn't matter. Neither does having two children with very similar names .

    1.) Roland Columbus Casper
    2.) Aslan Gardener Sen
    3.) Wolfgang Evening Apollo
    4.) Remus Seraphim Dune
    5.) Amadeus Jupiter Snow
    6.) Ishmael Allegro Klaus

    Roland, Aslan, Wolfgang, Remus, Amadeus and Ishmael.
    Roly, Aslan, Wolfie, Ray, Ama and Iggy.
    Girls:Vesper Novella Pearl-Elke Esmeralda Snow-Nanetta Yuki Florence-Rowena Fern-Artemis Opal Owl-Cappi Theodora Sun-Dagny Petra-Oona Owl-Mary Max-Frances Henriette-Edwige Garnet-Alberta Benilde, Lolly Agnes-Bunny Maude-Lumi Faye-Dossie Moe-Capella Happy- Agnessa?-Birdie?-Zelda?-Flora?-Ginger?, Prudence?.

    Boys:Roland Basil-Magnus Owl-Linus Robert-Frodi Lou-Obi Prosper-Enzo Noble-Cello Floyd-Dougal Morris-Horatio Albert-Grover ?-Hubert Walter-Rufus Rex-John ?-Joe Lazarus-Bede ?.

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    @nooshi--I don't have much to contribute to the thread, but I'd like to thank you for posting that; I'm adding Aslan to my list because of your post.
    I'm a teenberry, a Christian, and a bookworm.
    Finn*John "Johnkin"*Dean*Colin*Cove*Avery*Absalom*Sam*Ki rby
    Elsa "Elsie* Mireille*Wilhelmina*Xandra*Virginia*Charlie*Agnes* Saoirse*Alice*Euphrosyne.[/CENTER]

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    I only have five solid combos so far. The sixth would probably be Rupert "Rue", but I haven't found a middle for him yet.

    Jethro Emerson "Jem"
    Barnaby Dashiell "Barns"
    Lionel Otis "Lyle"
    Malcolm Arthur "Mal"
    Chester George "Chet"

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