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View Poll Results: Which name for Nora's brother?

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  • Declan James (nn Dex or Deke)

    21 36.21%
  • Finn Jameson

    10 17.24%
  • Euan James (pronounced YOO-in)

    7 12.07%
  • Dean Jameson

    2 3.45%
  • Miles Jameson (nn Milo)

    13 22.41%
  • Max Jameson

    5 8.62%
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    Which name do you prefer for Nora's brother?

    I'm really torn. Hubby and I settled on Declan James (occasional nn of Dex or Deke) when we were pregnant with Nora prior to finding out she was a girl. I think he's just thinking that's what we'll still go with. I still like it, but I keep getting waves of cold feet because of its recent trendiness. I don't want it to be the next Aidan or start being viewed as a knock off.

    I really love the other name choices also. None of them are really sticking out, though. Even though I like them all, I am pretty much indecisive/indifferent at the same time.

    Mama to Nora.

    Current favorites:
    Griffin (Finn). Declan (Dex). Miles. John (Johnny). Graham. Ewan. Jasper.

    Ruby. Iris. Eve. Ivy. Bonnie. Hazel. Esme.

    Names hubby and I agree on for #2: Gwyneth (Gwen). Claire. Rhoswen (Rosie or Winnie). Alice. Eden (Edie). Marie. Anneliese (Anna or Annie).

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    Nora and Declan make a wonderful sibling set. Declan is very handsome, a name of a saint, and celtic. All positives in my book. I think a lot of people throw around the word trendy.

    I also love Finn and Miles. All of them go well with Nora.
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    I like Declan James the best out of your list...nn included!

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    Declan James, most definitely! This is a crazy parallel of my sister's name predicament. Her sweet baby's name is Declan, her middle name is Cathleen, and her favorite girls name is Nora. Also, Liam James was in the running for the baby they are expecting now. Awesome : ) Good luck!
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    Declan is my pick with Nora!

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