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    Grade 3 & 2 Yearbook

    ~ Arlo Mackenzie ~ Zechariah Francis "Zech" ~ Franklin Thyme ~ Julian Basil ~ Thaddeus Van ~ Wolfgang Ross ~ Shelby Thomas ~

    ~ Glenna Lorraine ~ Veronica Ruby "Ronnie" ~ Josephine Paige "Joey" ~ Brooke Elspeth ~ Tabitha Elaine ~ Autumn Christine ~ Savannah Claire ~

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    My favorites for boys are:

    Zander – I love this as a short for Alexander, spelled with the X
    Kaiden – Never seen it spelled this way. I prefer Caden
    Sawyer – One of my top ten for boys. Wish it wasn’t getting so popular 
    Braiden – This spelling is not my favorite. I prefer Braden without the i. But I like this name a lot.
    Maddox – If it weren’t for Jolie-Pitt, this would be in my top ten.

    And for Girls:
    DelaneyMy middle name is Malany, so this would be a Laney homage to that.
    Sky – Short for Skyana. Like Ah-na. not A in apple.
    AbrielleLove love love this name. Top ten for sure.
    Kierra – As long as this is pronounced in 3 syllables, not 2. I love it.
    Harley – Spelled Harly or Harli, to be more feminine.
    Kimberlie – I LOVE this spelling, I haven’t ever seen this. Only –y –ey and –ee.
    Sophia – I like Sophie better, and prefer Sofie with an f.

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    Impressed with Ulysses! Happy to see that name getting used!
    Constantly looking for the perfect names for my future little ones.

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    Nice to see Trever, although I prefer Trevor.
    Piers Lachlan | Gray Everett | Tadhg Wilder
    Jack Wilder | Henry Birch | Charlie Hawthorne

    Maebry Elizabeth Posy | Eloise Margaret Birdie | Coralie Jane Magnolia
    Sophie Jane Magnolia | Emma Eloise Maebry | Isabel Margaret Birdie "Isby"

    heart my son

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    Sawyer - cute seeing this used
    Ulysses- awesome seeing this one
    Marissa - reminds me of a book
    Patience -interesting seeing this one used
    Sarabeth -is kinda cute

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