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    Sawyer - cute seeing this used
    Ulysses- awesome seeing this one
    Marissa - reminds me of a book
    Patience -interesting seeing this one used
    Sarabeth -is kinda cute

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    Thomas- Always made me think of Thomas the Train
    Noah- Too popular
    Tyler- Not bad
    Connor- I like this
    Dustin- Used to like this
    Zander- Okay
    Ryan- Okay
    Jacob- Too popular
    Caleb- Nice
    Ty- Prefer Tyler
    Reegan- Reagan is better
    Joshua- Josh is okay
    Kaiden- I don't like this spelling
    David- Ugh every David I've met has been the most annoying little * ever!
    Damion- Damian or Damien is better
    Sawyer- I love this!
    Cody- Not bad
    Hayden- Eh
    Kenny- This is okay
    Hunter- Okay
    Cade- Not bad
    Nick- Eh...
    Zachary- Nice name
    Braiden- Worse than Brayden
    Tate- Very nice!
    Kyev (end of 3rd grade)- Uh huh and how do you say that?
    Bradyn (start of 2nd grade)- Never mind, I'll take Braiden!
    Benjamin- Super old
    Brodey- Brody is better
    Mason- Not bad
    Daltyn- Dalton is better
    Ethan- Little overused
    Dylan- I like this
    Steven- Eh, not my fave
    Gage- This has grown on my lately
    Maddox- I like this
    Jonathan- I like this name now
    Jack- Really growing on me!
    Sean- Love this spelling!
    Trever- Trevor is better
    James- I love this as a middle name but it's very nice for a first
    Alex- Nice
    Parker- I have bad associations
    Aydin- Can anyone spell Aidan right?!
    Daniel- Eh, a little boring
    Aiden- Closer...
    Donald- Maybe for a 50 year old...
    Ulysses- This barely worked for the president...

    Delaney- Very cute!
    Anna- Simple, yet sweet
    Kristina- Not sure how I feel about this
    Sky- I like this more with an E at the end
    Riley- Okay
    Lily- A little too popular for me, I prefer Lila
    Abigail- My name!
    Caitlyn- I only like Caitlin
    Olivia- Ugh, this is done
    Hannah- I've never liked this name but it's honestly not bad
    Maiya- I like Maia and Maya but not Maiya
    Abrielle- Brielle on its own is nicer
    Samantha- This name sounds like it was made for a rich girl
    Marissa- Okay
    Alexis- I like this
    Emily- Ugh
    Miranda- This is really nice
    Krissy- Maybe as a nickname...
    Victoria- Eh
    Natalie- I like this
    Makala- Is this supposed to be Mikayla?
    Kierra- Sierra is nice
    Abby- My name! She's probably a lovely little girl...
    Lillian- Not bad
    Harley (end of 3rd grade)- a little masculine
    Patience (start of 2nd grade)- Her mom will need some of this during her teenage years
    Manarah- Not bad but bordering the tacky side
    Keira- Pretty!
    Jayden- Better on a boy
    Keara- Kiera is a better spelling
    Allison- This is growing on me!
    Sophia- Too popular
    Scout- I like this even though I haven't read To Kill a Mockingbird yet.
    Angel- Um...
    Ava- So done. I'm over this name
    Kimberlie- Kimberley is better
    Allyson- Eh...
    Julia- Very nice
    Nancy- She's not 50...
    Rylee- Okay... I guess
    Mary- This is overdone
    Vanessa- Very pretty!
    Addison- It's a disease so....
    Skylar- I like this a lot!
    Sarabeth- Annabeth I like, this not so much
    Crystal- pretty!
    You can call me Abby
    Competitive dancer, hopeful writer, sophomore in high school, and most importantly, name obsessed

    Dreaming of a future little...
    Miss Lila Romilly or Maeve Tallulah or Moira Seraphine or Sadie Calypso or Iris Magdelen
    Mister Carter Jameson or Jasper Elias or Leo Xavier or Archer Murray or Torin Matthias

    limits, like fear, are often just an illusion

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