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  • Benedict

    8 10.96%
  • Leonidas

    8 10.96%
  • Lysander

    15 20.55%
  • Theodore

    42 57.53%
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    Which Name Do You Prefer and Why?

    I'm just curious as to which of these four names you prefer and why:

    Benedict - do you think the nickname Ben is inevitable? I'm not too fond of the name Ben...

    Thank you in advance.
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    I voted for Theodore. As well as being my favourite, I think it's the most usable. With Benedict I think Ben would be a natural nickname, but I'm sure if you asked for it not to be used most people wouldn't. I do like Leonidas but I'm not sure how usable it is irl.

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    I love all of them, and I agree with you on with Ben/Benedict. I'd assume anyone called Ben had the full name Benjamin, so Benedict would be rather pointless in that case. Unfortunately (for the time being) I've decided against Benedict (though it's still on my list), because, well let's say I have a crush with the name, and it's kind of awkward. :P Although he's the reason I feel it's more usable. Theodore seems to be increasing quite a bit in popularity, and though I like Theo, I prefer Theodore in full, and I feel Theo could be inevitable.

    I love both Lysander and Leonidas (I have both as middles for my favourites), but apparently pronunciation could be an issue with Leonidas. I was watching a show, and one contestant said Lee-oh-nee-das, and the presenter said Lee-on-I-das (in like in tin), but I say Le-oh-ny-das. The first one makes some sense, but I haven't a clue how she got to the 2nd one. Anyway, because of that, I think I'd go for Lysander. Lysander has some great character associations (for me) from both Shakespeare and the Charlie Bone series. Sorry for the ramble.
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    I vastly prefer Leo over Leonidas, but because Leo itself was not an option, I chose Theodore.
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    Theodore is my favorite, Lysander my second choice. Theodore has held a special place in my heart since I was a child. It is very handsome. I love the nicknames; Teddy, Ted, and Bear. I much prefer Bennett to Benedict. Benedict only reminds me of Benedict Arnold. I feel neutral about Leonidas.

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