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    Ideas for non-girly girl names needed

    Help! Baby due in August and we only have one girls name we like... but we'd love a backup option.

    Surname is the B part of the name of this website (Please don't write it out with your suggestions!). This surname prevents a lot of names that I love because they're too sing-songy or they end up sounding like a fruit smoothie.

    We want a strong girls name (No Amelias etc, nothing super girly) and nothing top 50.

    So far we're pretty sold on Zara - but how do you think that sounds with our surname? (And with the mn Alexandra which is pretty much set, otherwise Grace if Alexandra doesn't suit first name)
    Other names we like but are not 100% on or can't use are Marlowe, Maeve, Delaney...

    I feel like I've looked at every name ever made! Any other options that you think would sound good?

    We live in the UK as well so that's worth bearing in mind.

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    I think Zara sounds lovely with your last name. Zara Grace and Zara Alexandra are both great, though I am leaning slightly more towards Zara Grace- both are very lovely.

    Elara, Aphra, Leila / Layla / Laila, Ara, Arden, Astra, Asta, Atarah / Atara, Bayo, Calla, Cala, Ceres / Cerys, Honour, Keira / Ciara, Clea (CLAY-uh), Dasha, Zola, Delancey, Zora, Taura, Ginerva, Genoa, Mab, Hara, Indre (IN-druh), Juno, Katia / Katya, Keturah, Kezia / Keziah, Romney, Lowri, Madigan, Manon, Mattea, Mira, Nira / Nera, Nara, Naida, Neola, Neve, Nima, Orla, Pilar, Petra, Rowan, Shay / Shea, Sloane, Sullivan, Sydney / Sidney, Tessa, Nessa, Tamsin, Teal, Thalia, Tierney, Vesper, Vrai, Wylie, Wynn, Keeley, Keelin, Zaria, Zana, Zanna, Zakia.
    Girls: Artemis Prosper-Vesper Novella Opal-Bunny Maude-Dossie Moe-Nanetta Yuki Florence-Hestia Fern-Theodora Sun-Esmeralda Noble-Dagny Petra-Mary Max-Frances Henriette-Edwige Garnet-Agnes Happy-Esther Opal-Aphra Charles-Honey Edith-Ernestine Boo-Rowena Owl-Thalassa Valo.

    Boys: Roland Basil-Humphrey Moe-Magnus Owl-Robert Linus-Frodi Lou-Obi Prosper-Enzo Noble-Cello Floyd-Dougal Morris-Hubert Walter-Joe Lazarus-Ernest Bede-Amadeus Happy-Montgomery Murphy.

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    Zara is lovely! Alexandra would also work well in the first spot.
    Lee X

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