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    I love the name Soleil. It means sun in french. Its pronounced So-lay. I like Soleil Elara.

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    My absolutely favourite space name is Vega - as nameberry says "relating to one of the largest and brightest stars in the heavens". I think it might go well in sibset with Terra. My other favourite space names not included on your list include Selena (moon), Estrella (star), Astrid (star) and Gaia (mother earth).
    From your choices I'd prefer Luna Marsden or Luna Faye; not a fan of Nova (especially in sibset with Terra) or Mona; also not a fan of Faye or Marsden as a first name.
    1. Terra Halley and Vega Marsden
    2. Terra Halley and Vega Faye
    3. Terra Halley and Luna Vega Faye
    4. Terra Halley and Luna Marsden
    5. Terra Halley and Selena Faye
    6. Terra Halley and Astrid Faye
    7. Terra Halley and Astrid Vega Marsden

    I think you've chosen beautiful theme for your daughter's names! Good luck with choosing the perfect name for baby #2
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    Really don't recommend Terra and Nova...

    Terra and Luna are adorable together, though!

    you look lvely today
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    I adore Nova! It has the same vibe as Terra but is unique on it's own. I don't know why pp said not to put them together. Nova is a beautiful name!

    Other ideas:
    Cassia (short for Cassiopeia)
    Andrea (Andromeda)

    Nova Faye would be beautiful!

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