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    Need Help Naming Characters

    Story is set in the 2040's in the United States. Main characters' ages range from thirteen to sixteen. I need help naming two characters:

    Character 1 - I need a middle and last name, first name is Rosalind. Her parents are both great fans of literature, the name Rosalind is from one of Shakespeare's plays. She has an older sister named Aravis. Rosalind is probably an ISFP. She is an artist, an loves to read, write, and draw.

    Character 2 - This character is not gendered yet, and so I will accept male and female names, first, middle, and last. This character is probably an ESTP. This character is an only child. Their parents would not be religious or traditional, but would not choose a name that is unheard of.
    Hi, I'm Rachel.

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    Girls: Arabella, Elizabeth, Artemis, Eve, Avery, Elinor, Rosalind, Penelope, Eden, Beatrix, Amelia, Beatrix, Eliza, Britta, Luna, Ingrid, Isis, Zipporah, Althea

    Boys: Augustus, Kai, Leo, Rory, Poe, Matteo, Eli, Henry, Bram, Dalton, Seamus, Dane

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    Character 1:

    (Edit: Read your post wrongly that Rosalind was a middle name.. I suppose you could always switch them around though some may sound strange!)
    Serafina Rosalind
    Jacy Rosalind
    Verona Rosalind
    Lara Rosalind
    Bianca Rosalind
    Estelle Rosalind

    Character 2:

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    Girls:Vesper Novella Pearl, Elke Esmeralda Snow, Nanetta Yuki Florence, Rowena Fern, Artemis Opal Owl, Cappi Theodora Sun, Dagny Petra, Oona Owl, Mary Max, Frances Henriette, Theodora Happy, Edwige Garnet, Flora Clemency, Alberta Benilde, Lolly Agnes, Bunny Maude, Ginger?, Lumi Faye, Dossie Moe.

    Boys:Roland Basil, Magnus Owl, Linus Robert, Frodi Lou, Obi Prosper, Enzo Noble, Cello Floyd, Dougal Morris, Horatio Albert, Grover Bruno, Hubert Walter, Rufus Rex, John Absalom, Joe Lazarus Bard.

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