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    Hi, I'm Rachel.

    teenberry - writer combo

    Girls: Arabella, Elizabeth, Artemis, Eve, Avery, Elinor, Rosalind, Penelope, Eden, Beatrix, Amelia, Beatrix, Eliza, Britta, Luna, Ingrid, Isis, Zipporah, Althea

    Boys: Augustus, Kai, Leo, Rory, Poe, Matteo, Eli, Henry, Bram, Dalton, Seamus, Dane

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    Audrey for girl 1?
    I'm Shi young reader, writer, actress, singer, and artist
    Girls: Phoenix Pryer, Crimson Juno, Indigo Ember, and Clarissa Fox
    Boys: Copper Sampson, Cobalt Uriah, Axis Indio, and Bishop Bane
    Um......I think that's it..

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