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    What's the strangest alternate spelling of a name you've seen?

    I met someone named Alicson today. Pronounced Alison not "Alec-son" like I wanted to say. I looked at her ID and just thought "That is awful." I'm sure there are worse, but that spelling was just so unnecessary. I also have seen Phenix which I just didn't understand the need to remove the O like people would mispronounce it.
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    My name. Austyn. It's misspelled... I hate it.
    I met a little boy named Xavior yesterday.
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    I've Airwrecka (Erica), A'Briahn (Aubrey Ann), Mykynzy (Mackenzie), Wyntre (Winter), Awdre (Audrey), Korynne (Corinne), Alys (Alice), and a lot more that I can't think of.

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    Don't know him personally but there is a Jaykub in a friend's son's class apparently. My friend was horrified as her other son is a Jacob, haha!
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    It's not too strange, but there was a Martyna nn Tyna (Still said like Martina/Tina), on a show I was watching. She was probably in her 40s or 50s, and she looked a bit fed up when the presenter asked about her name. She said she guessed it was just a 'quirk' her parents decided to add.
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