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    On one of those court shows, I saw a Danta, pronounced like Dante. Just... why?
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    I have met a Wayyln (Waylen / Walen, not quite sure how you are meant to spell this), and his brothers continue the yy combination theme (Brayyd / Braid and Rhyys / Rhys).
    Mary, Esther, Camellia, Susanna, Mabel, Bayo, Theodora, Magnolia, Yuki, Dossie, Ida, Rosemary, Dominica, Philou, Anouk, Francesca, Olive, Constance, Raphaela.

    Amias, Ignatius, Abraham, Horatio, Dossie, Moses, Matthias, Edgar, Rex, Lionel, Shepherd, Frederick, Barnabas, Donovan, Bellamy, Quincy, Pello, Vincent, Linus, Wolfgang, Bertie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chelsy View Post
    [...] I also have seen Phenix which I just didn't understand the need to remove the O like people would mispronounce it.
    This actually doesn’t strike me as that odd as Fenix is a name. It was used 46 times in the US last year and is apparently a derivative of Phoenix. I can see going from Phoenix to Phenix to Fenix. Which I actually rather like (in and odd way) as it reminds me a bit of Felix.

    My most mind boggling name was:
    Alixsssaundrah pronounced Alexandra. Considering that my name is Alexandra this totally boggled my mind. (Seriously an x followed by not 1 but 3 s’s? It just doesn’t make sense).
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    Khryssi *sigh
    Top 20
    Rafferty~Leo(Leander)~Tobin~Archie(Archer)~Ike(Mic ah)

    Willa(Wilhelmina)~Selah~Lettie(Arletta)~Romy(Rosem ary)~Cora(Coretta)
    Cecelia/Celia~Calla(Calista)~Nola(Magnolia)~Winnie(Winola) ~Maeve
    Rosalie~Maisy~Tilly(Matilda)~Ada(Adelaide)~Junie(J uniper)

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    I went to school with a Kjre. It's pronounced KIE-ruh, like Kyra.

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