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    On one of those court shows, I saw a Danta, pronounced like Dante. Just... why?
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    I have met a Wayyln (Waylen / Walen, not quite sure how you are meant to spell this), and his brothers continue the yy combination theme (Brayyd / Braid and Rhyys / Rhys).
    Mary Valentine, Bessie Prairie, Frances Dove, Pascoe O'Brian, Yuki Camellia, Susanna Timshel, Hattie Jean, Mabel Andy, Vesper Opal, Ottoline Annabelle, Bayo Raphaela, Constance Carys, Esther Mercy, Fern Vinnie, Teddy Susanna, Fay Francesca, Philou Nettie, Shalom Galilee, Dossie Opal.

    Morris Noble, Abraham Lou, Enzo Raphael, Obadiah Dove, David Beeman, Clancy Lazarus, Murphy Jericho, Lemuel Jethro, Zebedee Shalom, Pascoe Anders, Barnaby O'Brian, Dossie Kip, Francis Gardener.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chelsy View Post
    [...] I also have seen Phenix which I just didn't understand the need to remove the O like people would mispronounce it.
    This actually doesn’t strike me as that odd as Fenix is a name. It was used 46 times in the US last year and is apparently a derivative of Phoenix. I can see going from Phoenix to Phenix to Fenix. Which I actually rather like (in and odd way) as it reminds me a bit of Felix.

    My most mind boggling name was:
    Alixsssaundrah pronounced Alexandra. Considering that my name is Alexandra this totally boggled my mind. (Seriously an x followed by not 1 but 3 s’s? It just doesn’t make sense).
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    Khryssi *sigh
    Top 20
    Rafferty~Leo(Leander)~Tobin~Archie(Archer)~Ike(Mic ah)

    Willa(Wilhelmina)~Selah~Lettie(Arletta)~Romy(Rosem ary)~Cora(Coretta)
    Cecelia/Celia~Calla(Calista)~Nola(Magnolia)~Winnie(Winola) ~Maeve
    Rosalie~Maisy~Tilly(Matilda)~Ada(Adelaide)~Junie(J uniper)

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    I went to school with a Kjre. It's pronounced KIE-ruh, like Kyra.
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