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    Opinions on middle name

    I love the name India but can't seem to find a middle name to go with it. My other half likes Lily for the middle name but I'm not keen on India Lily it doesn't sound right. Do you have any suggestions?

    Hannah Eliza Carole arrived 4th March 2011

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    India Marie
    India Grace
    India Belle
    India Jade

    It does seem to be a harder name to choose a middle name that is unique to match and flows nicely. I agree that Lily doesn't really sound right.
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    No middle name help, but I don't care for the exotic India with the sweet classic Hannah.

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    I agree with you there is something off about India Lily. I would suggest...
    India Jocelyn
    India Margaret
    India Francine
    India Giselle
    India Lucine
    India Shay

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