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    I think Emmeline Tess and Willa Mae make a wonderful sibling set. Willa Mae is beautiful, sweet, and has vintage charm. I love both Emmeline (although I personally like the line pronunciation) and Willa. I can see Willow "Willa" but I personally prefer each as a full name and would not use a nickname with either.
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    Willa Mae would definitely be my choice..
    Not expecting...yet! Just love names!
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    Love Emmeline Tess! I think Willa Mae is really sweet, and Mae balances perfectly next to Tess. I do like Willa Mabel as much or more, but I agree it doesn't work to honor your mom with a name she dislikes. I was hoping to use Eliza to honor my sister Elisabeth but she hates it because it's a z instead of an s. Oh well....
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    Willa Mabel sounds better though!
    Am I the only one that doesn't think Willa Mae sounds great? It could be said all together, as a double-barrel name, and I'm not sure you want that. It is too short and too "rustic" sounding.
    Instead of Mae or Mabel:
    Maiselle (maze-elle)
    Maylis/Maelys (sort of rhymes with Elise/Elyse)
    Mary (Mae was once a nickname for Mary)
    Willa is a good stand alone name. Wilhelmina is the only long name I can think of.

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    Willa is lovely. I agree that Willa Mabel emphasizes the age of the names and makes it seem dated. Willa Mae is darling, and a fantastic choice.

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