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    Unique but not crazy

    My husband and I have done some searching for a biblical name for our daughter but it seems like either the names are much too out there or much too common/boring.

    Can you think of any biblical names (or know of any sites/links with this) that are not over the top crazy looking/sounding but not too boring/common? We want something that will age well but still has some spunk/spark. A middle name has been decided on, Teresa (will not change to Theresa or Therese), and while we aren't fans of names ending with -a next to it we will consider them if we really like the name(s) or it we cannot find anything else.

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    Teresa is lovely! Some female Biblical names that I find lovely and usable while retaining a unique character include:
    Ariel (Hebrew) Ezra 8:16 - altar; light or lion of God.
    Adah (AHHH-dah) (Hebrew) Gen. 4:19 - ornament; adornment
    Bernice (Greek) Acts 25:13 - one that brings victory
    Bethany (Hebrew) Matt. 21:17 - the house of song; the house of affliction
    Candace (Ethiopian) Acts 8:27 - who possesses contrition; a penitent heart
    Chloe (Greek) 1 Cor. 1:11 - green herb
    Damaris (Greek, Latin) Acts 17:34 - a little woman
    Dorcas (Greek) Acts 9:36 - a female roe-deer
    Drusilla (Latin) Acts 24:24 - watered by the dew
    Eden (Hebrew) Gen. 2:8 - pleasure; delight
    Esther (Hebrew) Esther 2:7 - secret; hidden; star
    Eve (Hebrew) Gen. 3:20 - living; enlivening
    Joanna (Hebrew) Luke 8:3 - grace or gift of the Lord
    Judith (Hebrew) Gen. 26:34 - the praise of the Lord; confession
    Lois (Greek) - 2 Tim. 1:5 - better
    Lydia (Greek) - Acts 16:14 - a standing pool
    Magdalene (Greek) Matt. 27:56 - a person from Magdala
    Miriam (Hebrew) Exodus 15:20 - rebellion
    Naomi (Hebrew) Ruth 1:2 - beautiful; agreeable; pleasant one
    Orpah (Hebrew) Ruth 1:4 - the neck or skull
    Phoebe (Greek) Rom. 16:1 - shining; pure; light
    Rhoda (Greek, Latin) Acts 12:13 - a rose
    Ruth (Hebrew) Ruth 1:4 - drunk; satisfied
    Sapphira (English) Acts 5:1 - that relates or tells
    Salome (Hebrew) Mark 6:17 and Matthew 14:3 - peace
    Shiloh (Hebrew) Joshua 18:8 - peace; abundance; his gift
    Tamar (Hebrew) Gen. 38:6 - palm or date palm; palm-tree
    Zipporah (Hebrew) Exodus 2:21 - beauty; trumpet; mourning

    I left out lots of pretty names that just don't seem to "go" with Teresa. My favorites with Teresa are Naomi Teresa, Miriam Teresa, and Shiloh Teresa. These one have positive meanings and , and pair well with your choice of a middle name. Best wishes!
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    PS I understand if you prefer Teresa in the middle, but have you considered it as a first name with a Biblical middle? Some of these names flow better as a middle name:
    Teresa Ruth
    Teresa Candace
    Teresa Lydia
    Teresa Esther

    Teresa has a positive image and meaning.
    Tess and Tessa are strong, cute, simple, and undiscovered nicknames.
    And Teresa by itself is just plain beautiful!
    Mommy to Travis Nevin 05/12
    and Angus Loudon is due April 6th, 2015

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    Wow, the PP pretty much has them covered!


    I found this website helpful:

    You could also go down the path of feminizations of boy biblical names, I.e.


    Grace Teresa or Gracia Teresa would also work.

    Teresa is gorgeous, would love to hear what you pair with it!
    Lee X

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    My favorite unique but not crazy Biblical names are Susannah, Bethany, and Priscilla. I think Priscilla Teresa sounds lovely - don't be scared of the double -a ending! It can be quite pretty.
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