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    Baby Boy #3 - all of my favorites are taken!

    We are pregnant with a brother for Charlie and Wynn and are so excited, but I have NO idea what to name him! My favorite boy names are Grant, Miles, and Thatcher, but I have close friends with sons with these names and can't use them. Other names that I like that are used by family/friends: Beau, Spencer, and Ford. And, I love Graham and Parker, but my husband hates both.

    My husband and I are stumped... we like the names Pierce, Hunter, Clark, and Mitchell, but aren't sold on any of them.

    Any ideas that I'm overlooking? Feedback on the names that we're considering?

    Thank you!!

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    Me too..welcome to the club!

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    Charlie, Wynn, and..

    I really like Wilder and Walker for you, but I am assuming you'd like to stay away from another 'W' name.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. We have a last name that begins with "S" Do you think Pierce could still work?

    Love some of these suggestions..walker, Harrison, Hugh, and sterling are off the table too becaue of friends/family that have used the names

    Interesting you suggest Wilder...I am not sure about another "W" But, I like the name and will add it to our list for now.

    And, my mom's maiden name is Keeton and I hadn't really considered it. Hmmmm. Interesting suggestion!

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