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Thread: Arthurian names

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    Arthurian names

    Hello Berries,
    I am searching for my copy of Le Morte d'Arthur now because I got interested in Arthurian names. I think Guinevere, Isolde, Tristram, Percival and Gareth are all very attractive and usable. Right now I can think of Morgana, Blanchefleur and Nimueh/Ninianne/Vivianne but I don't really like them.
    Does somebody know any other Arthurian names? I would be interested to find some more and of course, some opinions are welcome. Thank you for your time and help!
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    Love Arthurian type names! I've always liked Morgan over Morgana- if that helps.
    Other names I think of:
    Emilie • Emma • Lilly • Sadie

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    I love Morgana, and also Guinevere, Isolde, Tristram and Arthur. Emrys is another favourite of mine that hasn't been mentioned.
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    Percival - shortens to Percy?

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    I LOVE Arthurian names. Arthur and Emrys (Which is Merlin's middle name in Welsh. In English he is Merlin Ambrosius in Welsh he is Myrddin Emrys) are some of my favourite names. Merlin is also a GP and I love Morgana.

    Some more that are nice/ workable:
    Caelia - The faerie Queen.
    Cador - A Knight of the round table
    Claudin - another Knight
    Hector - Lancelot's half brother
    Lucan - Knight
    Madoc - Arthur's brother/ Uther's Son
    Medrawd (in Welsh) or Mordred (English) - A Knight and in some cases Arthur's illegitimate son
    Drystan/ Trystan - Knight and one of Arthur's advisors
    Owian - Knight
    Aglovale - Knight and King Pellinore's eldest son
    Clarissant - Gwain's sister
    Brastias - Knight and confidant of King Uther
    Blaise - A cleric
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