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  • Jacquelyn "Jackie"

    17 36.96%
  • Natalie

    11 23.91%
  • Gemma

    17 36.96%
  • Isabel

    5 10.87%
  • Arabella

    13 28.26%
  • Olivia

    4 8.70%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Help Me Pick My Girl's Names!

    Pick your least favorite of my girl's names xx
    leah. name loves change every day.



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    I like Olivia and Natalie, but I picked Natalie, cause Olivia is so popular now.

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    My least favorite names from your list are Jacquelyn, Natalie, Gemma and Arabella.
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    For some reason I have a soft spot for Jacquelyn. I've alway liked the idea of using the nickname Jax on a girl. The only names I don't care for are Olivia and Isabel.
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    I don't know how to read, so I picked Gemma.

    Gemma is actually my favorite. So when you're tallying, subtract one from Gemma and add it to Jacquelyn.

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