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Thread: Your Life Story

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    Your Life Story

    1. You and your husband have no doubt that you're going to have a big, beautiful family. After getting married, you immediately start trying to have your first baby. After months of trying, you find out that you a blessed with a baby boy. Hearing this, your husband has his heart set on naming his first son after himself. Your husband's name is Christopher Thomas. How do you make this name fit in with your child's?

    2. Two years have gone by since you had your first born, and you and your husband are ready for a second. But, something has gone wrong--and you have the baby two months early, making the precious little boy premature. But, to the doctor's surprise, the baby is completely healthy--just very small. Seeing the miracle that God blessed you with, you both decide to give him a strong, biblical name. What do you two decide to call this tough little guy?

    3. After having the house ruled by two, rambunctious little boys, you and your husband are dying for a daughter. After months and months of trying, you have no luck. Finally, you both decide to adopt a gorgeous little girl from Italy. You get her as an infant, and she's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen! Dark brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes, along with a lovely tan complexion--you can't stop cuddling her! What name do you give this little Italian?

    4. Are you sitting down for this one?--A few years later, you are completely surprised with another pregnancy! It's a true miracle...especially when you find out they're identical twin boys! Overwhelmed with joy, you immediately start thinking up names. You both are into the idea of naming them both something with the same letter--after all, that's the fun of having twins, right? Give these boys something that'll roll off the tongue!

    5. You're oldest kids are becoming teenagers, while the younger ones are out of diapers and growing up, as well. You and your husband believe you're ready to settle down, until your husband's youngest sister gets accidentally pregnant at the age of sixteen. Aborting the baby is out of the question for her, but she knows she's not ready for a child. After talking it over with your husband and his sister, the three of you agree for you and your husband to adopt the baby as your own. A baby girl finally arrives, which your thrilled to add to the mix of your home of many boys. You give the bundle of joy a beautiful, unique name that will let the world know just how important she is.

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    Clara Misha Esther Agnes •• Gustav Vincent Graham

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    Not expecting any time soon, just collecting for the future!

    Aurelie Grace • Ottilie Skye • Charlotte Evangeline • Emmeline Kate

    Asher Graham • William Alec • Benjamin Kai • Finley James

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    DW: Ashtyn Francesca Saivod (nee McCutcheon)
    DH: Christopher Thomas Saivod

    Flower Girls:
    Ring Bearers:

    Bridesmaids: Maya Jerome, Courtney Saivod-Oaks, Kathleen Stone-Marshall (Katie), Cameron Saivod-Stovall, Valerie McCutcheon-Graham, and Erica Napper
    Groomsmen: Anthony Oaks (Tony), Brett McCutcheon, Cooper Saivod, (groom), Casey Saivod, Jorge Helt, and Scott Vasquez
    Flower Girls: Blair Stovall (Cameron's daughter), Nola Marshall (Katie's daughter), Ava Oaks (Courtney and Tony's daughter), Lucy Oaks (Courtney and Tony's daughter), Jo Graham (Valerie's daughter) and Rena Saivod (Casey's daughter)
    Ring Bearers: Connor Stovall (Cameron's son), Rory Saivod, and Ryan Saivod (Casey's sons)


    DS: Topher Thomas Saivod
    DS: Sawyer Abel Saivod
    DD: Amabelle Caitlin Saivod (Amy)
    DS/DS: Brennan Riley Saivod and Bradley Liam Saivod
    DD: Romilly Cecilia Saivod (Milly)
    Rita, Adlee, River, Athena, Austen

    Kurt, Merrick, Forrest, Daniel, Ross

    Teenberry. I don't even plan on having kids, just like names.

    Love, Kaylee Mary.

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