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Thread: Baby number 3!

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    Baby number 3!

    I just found out today that we will be having another baby! It came as a complete shock, and I am very nervous to be the mother of three. We had a VERY hard time choosing the names for our two girls, so I am already starting to look at names for number three. We will not be finding out the sex, so it makes the job even harder. We have an Aviana Juliet and an Alba Charlotte. We like names that are different and you do not hear a lot. We don't care if the name begins with A.. that just happened because we liked the names! haha. Any name advice would greatly benefit us, thanks so much for your time!

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    First things first: Congratulations!! my brother & his wife just had their third girl, and after the first, they had a really tough time with names.. you are a brave woman! Maybe it will turn out to be a boy though

    ..but wow! I can't possibly top the girl suggestions from the pp... although I did throw in a couple of my own below!
    keeping in mind your other girls names, my favorites from her list (with my absolute faves *'d!) are:

    Amaryllis / *Amarilla / Marilla
    Sapphire (however, although tempting, I wouldn't go the Sapphira route)
    Axelle - I wouldn't normally like this one, but it has that edgy-girly cool mix like your other girls..
    Auberon / *Aubriella (since Aubrey/ Audrey would probably be too usual for your taste)
    Arden / *Ardenia / Denia
    *Nashira / Nadira / Nadia
    Calista / Calixta

    *Ambrosia / *Ambrose if it's a boy!
    Darius / Darien (boy suggestions, of course)
    She suggested Anatola, but might I suggest the masculine *Anatole for a boy..?

    I also like these alot, but wouldn't suggest them due to the fact that they are awfully close to Alba, but of course that's your call:
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