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    Lightbulb Which "j" names would YOU have selected for the Duggars' 10 boys and 9 girls?

    {Duggar boys:}

    01. Jack
    02. Jameson "Jem"
    03. Jasper
    04. Jed
    05. Joel
    06. Jonah
    07. Jonathan "Jonty"
    08. Jude
    09. Julian
    10. Justin

    {Duggar girls:}

    01. Jane
    02. Jessamine
    03. Jillian
    04. Jocelyn
    05. Jolie
    06. Josephine
    07. Jovienne
    08. Juliet
    09. Juniper
    "Close your eyes and think about it.

    Which name do you really, really love the most?

    Go with the one that makes you smile every time you say it."

    --Suelain Moy, author

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    Boys: John, James, Jasper, Jonah, Jethro, Jason, Joseph, Jared, Joshua, Jabez
    Girls: Julia, Jade, Jane, Jasmine, Jenna, Jerusha, Jessica, Jillian, Jocelyn

    I don't know how you avoid similarities with 19 kids whose names start with the same letter...
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    Boys (similar to OP actually!)

    1. Jack or John
    2. James nn Jem
    3. Jericho
    4. Joel
    5. Jasper
    6. Jacoby
    7. Jay or Jace
    8. Jensen
    9. Jonah
    10. Jude


    1. Jana
    2. Julia
    3. Josephine nn Josie
    4.Jessamine nn Jessa
    5. Jillian
    6. Jocelyn
    7. June
    8. Jade
    9. Jamie

    Wow I really don't like a lot of these girls names names lol
    Ladies: Anna, Audrey, Emilia, Josie, Kiersten, Lucy, Miranda, Norah, Zoe

    Gentleman: Avery, Grady, Grant, Isaac, Jonah, Morgan, Rory, Shane, Zachary

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    Hogwarts, United Kingdom
    1. James
    2. Jefferson
    3. Jasper
    4. Jude
    5. Jenson
    6. Jett
    7. Joshua
    8. Jack
    9. Julian
    10. Jonah

    1. Josephine
    2. Jemma
    3. Jane
    4. Juniper
    5. Jacquetta
    6. Jocelyn
    7. Juliet
    8. Joanna
    9. Jasmine

    That's really difficult though. J is just not a letter I seem fond of, maybe because I'm a Jessica.
    Not expecting but hopefully one day that will change.

    Favourite Combos
    Ivy Adelaide/Lyra Evangeline/Eliza Genevieve
    Hugo Benjamin/James Anthony/Rory Alexander

    Other Favourites
    Octavia, Astrid, Estella, Hestia, Wallis, Sheridan
    Rafferty, Malachy, Jasper, Harrison, Sidney, Killian

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    Boys: Julian, Jonas, Jacob, Jude, Jasper, Jared, James, Jack, Juno, Jeffery
    Girls: Jemima, Jessa, Juliet, Jorja, Josephine, Jade, Jean, Jillian, Jolie
    Wow, that was hard..
    20 yr old name nerd, nanny & health and nutrition undergrad

    Loving for the ladies: Harriet, Olive, Daphne and Frances
    And for the gentlemen: Peter, Charles and Beau (much harder than girls for me)

    In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer -Albert Camus

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