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    Spelling help + suggestions??

    We really like the name which would be pronounced MAH-ree as it honors my grandmother who was Maria and also my mother whose middle name is Maria, so we like that it would honor them both.

    We're not sure how we would spell it though as we've seen a few different spellings: Mairi, Mahri, Mhairi... How would you spell it? If you have any other spelling suggestions then we'll be interested to hear them.

    We're also still looking for other name suggestions as we're not sure what name we'll be using yet, even though we like this name. Other names we like include: Cassia, Kalissa & Lilia but our list isn't very long. We're excited to hear any more suggestions! We've chosen Jericho for a boy, if that helps any!

    thanks in advance.

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    I would just spell it Marie. I pronounce that "mah-ree", but I live in the US.
    Other suggestions based on your other names (of which I like Lilia best):

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    I think I would spell it Mari if you wanted to distinguish it from Marie, which stresses the second syllable. That way it looks more like Mara or Mario. But you'd still get plenty of people pronouncing it like Mary...
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    I would also spell it Marie but I guess the pronunciation of Marie can differ in different countries. I also like Mahri
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    I've seen it spelt both Marie and Maree, either of those work well I think.
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