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    Alethea - familiar, but easily confused with Anthea or Althea. Not my favourite of the names you have up here.
    Aquila - I've always struggled with the pronunciation of this; uh-quill-uh or uh-quile-uh? It seems very saintly.
    Aurea / Auriel / Aurielle - I like Aurelia better than this selection. Auriel reminds me of LOTR character Tauriel.
    Chrysanthe - lovely, though I prefer Chrysanthemum. This one seems like one of the more accessible ones.
    Elodie - a great choice with siblings and sound.
    Emmanuelle - ditto.
    Evanthe - ditto.
    Everild - a bit too out there for a first name.
    Ione - I prefer Ianthe. Ianthe's gorgeous with Cassia and Antoine.
    Jacinda - I prefer Hyacinth.
    Lysandra - I dislike Sandra. Lysander isn't bad for a boys' name, but I'm not a fan of the feminized version.
    Marianthe - bit too much going on here.
    Melisande - somehow both cutesy and substantial.
    Mireia - a lovely sound, very ethereal, but difficult to spell and say for the average Joe.
    Nereida - see Mireia.
    Noemie - I prefer Natalie, but maybe that's not exotic enough for your taste.
    Petra - pretty, but too stern for Antoine and Cassia's sister.
    Rosamond - just doesn't fit with the others for some reason, I don't know.
    Serena - dated.
    Silvana - not a fan.
    Thea - love!

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    Thank you both so much. I think you're right that Everild is too weird and Noemie will be perpetually misunderstood. I LOVE the Greek E names and was hoping that Hermione would have blazed a path for them (esp Ione) but they might be too much trouble.

    HTB thank you for the suggestions! I like many of them.
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    Some of these are really beautiful names, but I think for usability and fitting in with the style you already have going, Ione and Petra are your best bets.
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    Our name style is totally different but with Antoine Raphael & Cassia Viviane Noor I think my faves are:

    Silvana - My very favourite for you. Lovely. It sits beside Antoine & Cassia really well & holds the same old, intricate, delicate feeling that those names give me. Antoine & Cassia make me think of artisan things like beautiful metalwork or renaissance oil paintings. I kind of think of that feeling when you walk into an old european museum or art gallery or something, the age and weight of the things in there humming with life & excitement & history.

    Aurielle - I love Aurielle with Cassia, they feel like a perfect match. I'm up in the air with it beside Antoine though. I know of a couple little Aurielles so I'm not sure if its seeing a bit of a popularity hike or what.
    Chrysanthe - This is much more uncommon than Antoine & Cassia but so, so lovely. Not sure if it would bother you to have two children with the same first initial. Some people on NB are pretty intense about that.
    Emmanuelle - I feel you could have spelling & pronunciation issues here but I think it would be a good fit. It vibes really well with the saintly feel of your other choices. It wouldn't be my first choice but I don't mind it.
    Evanthe & Jacinda - Both of these feel more upbeat than your other names but they are also more unusual, most people will need to hear them repeated a few times & nobody will know how to spell them. I really like them though! I think Evanthe would fit slightly better in your sibset but I adore Jacinda.
    Melisande - I strongly associate this with Game of Thrones, unfortunately. So that for me would rule it out. Its really a beautiful name though.
    Petra - This is all wits & strength to me. It's having a bit of a popularity boost right now cause of Ender's Game. I think it fits well with your style but it feels maybe a bit too stern beside your other picks.
    Rosamond - I think the Rose names are all being overused right now so I'm not keen on Rosamond - but I see why you would like it. And all the nickname options are fabulous of course.

    Most of the other names on your list I think are too "out there" sounding beside Antoine & Cassia, which are uncommon but known, at least. For most of them either the spelling needs to be simplified, or the pronounciation.
    Although I like Thea I think it is too short for you. Lysandra to me is Feminine of Lysander, and all I associate that with is A Midsummer Nights Dream. And Elodie I just hate generally for no reason.
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    Katie thank you for those spectacular descriptions and the beautiful way you described my existing kids' names. Goosebumps. I really loved what you said about Silvana.

    And I get it about Elodie- I feel like I should like it much more than I do, maybe because it's mentioned around here so frequently.
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