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    Potential for teasing

    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering how much you consider potential for teasing with your names choices. The more I think about it, a few of the names we have short listed fall into this category i.e. Ruby (boobie, goobie), eve (evil, Adam etc)...

    Did you consider this and let it be a deciding factor?

    What do you think of these two names (ruby and eve) in relation to this? Feeling a bit nervous as we are don't have too long to go and still no name decided on!

    Thanks for your thoughts

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    I once saw a comedy skit about names being teased. It went along the lines of this "Rob, corn cob. Jane your a pain, James has a big nose."
    In other words while names can rhyme with words and be used for teasing kids will find ANYTHING to tease a kid about regardless of whether it rhymes.
    If you like Ruby and Eve just go with them- I think you're right, a Ruby might get "boobie" but if that's the worst they throw at her she'll be fine.
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    Honestly, I don't invest too much time into it, maybe it's just the way schools in Australia are. But we never got teased for our names, not EVER, and my school was predominantly Indian and Asian students so we experienced many different names. We have a Pooja, a Cheethaphong, a Ha and so on. I never got made fun of for my name, instead the boys called me Rabi because I had curly ringlet hair, usually with two pronounced curls on either side of my face. What can I say? They were crafty. But other than that, I never got made fun of.
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    I'm from Aus, too, and never found anyone getting teased. I come from a predominantly white school, yet one of my good friends, Dinki, never got teased. It's just not a thing here. But Ruby and Eve are well established names... I doubt they'd get teased for that. However, the connotations with Adam and Eve are rather strong - but I doubt she'd get teased for that unless she got a crush on a boy named Adam.

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    Honestly, I am worried a lot about it. We are drawn to all 'word' names this time around and some of them lend themselves to teasing more than others. Ie the name Hero. I love it but I'm afraid kids might say "oh heeeeero come save the day" etc. I'm not sure if it should factor in.
    I do love Eve and my son has a close friend named Ruby so I think they are both beautiful names.

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