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    Kirsty - is it still usable?

    A big GP of mine (for a while now) is the name Kirsty. I never really thought about it until I was about 15 years old, and met a couple of girls from the UK via Twitter with the name. They were all positive associations to the name, and therefore, I began to like it. The sound seemed nice, and I had no reason to dislike it, other than the fact that it happens to be very dated.

    I don't know why I'm suddenly second-guessing it as an addition to my list, but I am. I still love the sound of the name, but, I fear it will suffer the same fate as the other various dated (particularly dated in the UK) name choices - Courtney, Nicola, Gemma, Kelsey, Stephanie, etc.

    Do you think Kirsty is still a usable choice? I'm thinking about Kirsty-Louise or Kirsty Elizabeth, but I'm not 100% sure (then again, there's also Kirsty Elizabeth Louise). Filler names don't really bother me in the middle, if they're a name I truly like (so you won't see any Rose or Marie in the middle spot on my list), so that doesn't affect what I choose for me.
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    I'm not sure about the UK, but Kirsty would seem very dated in the USA (as would Kirsten if you decided to use a longer full name). If you really love it, than use it. I love some dated names (ex Jason, Gregory, Paul) and the supposed "datedness" hasn't hindered my love for them; they don't seem dated to me. Some names seem dated to everyone (I'm thinking Gertrude, Gladys, etc), but with other names like Susan, Kirsten, or Jennifer, it is a relative term.
    So, I guess what I'm trying to say that I personally find it dated, but if you love the sound, don't let others' opinions stop you. Kirsty is still usable, it isn't like Doris.
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    I always connect Kirsty to Kirstie Alley. I actually like it and think it works, regardless of it seeming dated. If you wanted to go with a more classic name, you could do Kristine and call her Kirsty (or Kristy even).

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    I'm from the UK so maybe my perspective is different, but I wouldn't bat an eye at a little Kirsty. I know one my age and she wears it just fine, it's never seemed strange or dated on her at all.

    Most people wear their names pretty well, I find. And as said above, it's not as if you're naming her Doris.
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    I know two Kirsty's one is my chiropractor the other is 20. I would be kind of surprised to see a young Kirsty but it does work.
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